Vision : Mission : Values

Headwaters Vision

To be a Church; that ENGAGES in worship that glorifies God; that EQUIPS one another to love like Jesus in a broken world; that EMBODIES shalom and hope in every influence of life.

John 20:21 “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you!”

Headwaters Mission


  • LOVING God and others.
  • Embodying TRUTH, which is a person.
  • ACTION is enacting out our apologetic.
  • TOGETHERNESS is what holds it all together.

1st John 3:16,18 “We experience and understand what love is by laying down our lives for others like Jesus did…we do this not by talking about it but in action and in truth (together)”

Headwaters Core Values


  • God has revealed Himself through Scripture.
  • Scripture is the final authority for faith, doctrine and conduct.
  • When scripture is opened something always happens!


  • Equipping one another to love like Jesus in a broken world (fancy way of saying ‘discipleship’).
  • Prayer as a lifestyle.
  • Outrageous generosity.


  • Introducing others to Jesus
  • Enacting our apologetic through action locally and globally.
  • The willingness to surrender our life to enrich the life of another.
  • Embodying shalom and hope in every sphere of influence that we share in.


  • Community based on God’s grace; receiving it and giving it away.
  • Authentic loving community, is the context for all we do and are.

We hope that you’ll come and join us on the campaign that Jesus began and continues through us, the sent ones!