Vitality Pathway

The need for vitality in our established churches has never been more important than it is right now. Over 70% of our conference churches are over 10 years old, and many of them are looking for ways to recapture their missional health and vitality.

The Evangelical Covenant Church has prioritized both the starting and the strengthening of its churches, wanting them all to be both healthy and missional. Vitality is not a program, but a process of doing good ministry over a long period of time through the moving of the Holy Spirit. To that end, the Vitality Pathway is a significant resource to help churches reimagine, relaunch, and recapture their missional DNA.

The Vitality Pathway includes:

  • 1 National Vitality Event-Navigate
  • 3 Vitality Workshops-Veritas, Epic, and One
  • 5 Steps to completion
  • 8 Functions of the Vitality Team
  • On-going planning, evaluation, and repetition of good practices



ECC Vitality Logos Navigate

A Journey of Vitality

A dynamic partnership with other churches, the conference and denomination to catalyze your journey on the congregational vitality pathway. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

ECC Vitality Logos Veritas

Telling the Truth about Congregational Vitality

A workshop that introduces the language of vitality, including the four types of churches and the ten healthy missional markers. The truth will set you free.

ECC Vitality Logos EPIC

Empowering People, Inspiring Change

A workshop that offers tools for change management, including helpful constructs for your leadership and church. All living things change.

ECC Vitality Logos PULSE

A Congregational Vitality Assessment Tool

A congregational assessment that measures your church’s current reality and trajectory using the metrics from Veritas. There is no vitality without reality.

ECC Vitality Logos ONE

A Unifying Approach to Strategic Ministry Planning

A workshop that guides the congregation in the discovery, development and deployment of a strategic ministry plan. Jesus himself had a strategic ministry plan.

ECC Vitality Logos COOP

Coaching of Pastors

Organizational leadership coaching for the pastor. Every Moses needs a Jethro.



The Vitality Pathway Timeline

Built into the vitality pathway is a purposeful pace. It is designed for you to progress at a pace that will allow you to pay attention to the soil conditions of your church along the way. As the parable of the fig tree (Luke 13:6-9) reminds us, when fruit is not present where it is meant to be, sometimes we need to dig down around the roots to discover any obstacles or barriers opposing what the Lord created us to experience. In that passage, the good news is that the gardener is given an additional year to do whatever is necessary for the fig tree to become fruitful. The urgent news is that it only has a year to make those changes. Time is of the essence!

While time is a wonderful gift of grace to us, it is not indefinite. A sense of urgency must take hold of the church as they realize that the mission of God is too important to take lightly. God seems to bless those congregations with a healthy sense of timing and pace – not too fast to miss the important lessons essential to missional health, and not to slow to lose momentum or urgency.

Consider the Vitality Pathway as a journey in 5 Steps: